Outstanding Service Award


Simon Morrison (deceased)

Simon was a delegate from Alpine Fly Fishing Club and he was their delegate from 1994 - 2009 a total of 15 years. Simon served as Treasurer from 1997 through to his passing in 2009 and he was the driving force in securing the Council's PLI offering. This was a very significant achievement as it drove the Council's membership from 7 clubs in 1997 to 22 in 2009.


Pat Washington OAM

Pat was a delegate from Bairnsdale Fly Fishing Club and was one of the Council's delegate to VRFish from 1994 through to 2010. In those 16 years Pat served as Chair of VRFish for 10 years. Pat was the key driver in the negotiations with the then Minister, Pat McNamara, for the introduction of a closed season for trout which was introduced in 1999. Pat was unstinting in his work for the betterment of angling in Victoria and he represented the interests of the CVVFC throughout that time.


Rod Booker

Rod was a delegate of three fly fishing clubs, Latrobe Valley, Bairnsdale and Alpine. Rod originally joined the Council in 1999 and was elected to the role of Secretary in 2002 serving in that position until 2007. Rod was also one of the Council's delegates to VRFish for 7 years and was a major contributor to the Peak Body's Water & Habitat Committee for that period. Rod's tenure with the CVFFC was more than 15yrs.


Dave Woolcock

Dave was a delegate of Greenwells FFC and joined the Council in 2000. He became Secretary of the Council 2007 and served in that role to 2012. Dave was major contributor to the Council most notable as an instigator of the 2008 North East Trout Fishing Workshop.Dave continues as Greenwells' delegate until 2014 a total of 14 years with the Council.


Christopher Collins

Christopher joined the Council in 1995 as a delegate of the VFFA. Christopher was elected as President in 1997 and held that position until 2007. He was nominated as one of the Council's representative to VRFish in 1998, during that period he spent 2 years on the VRFish Board, he resigned as the Council's representative when he became EO of VRFish in 2007. Christopher was the recreational fishing representative on the Fisheries Co-management Council and served on a number of Government Boards including the Fisheries Revenue Allocation Committee (FRAC), Translocation Evaluation Panel (TEP), and the Victorian Fisheries Research Advisory Board (Vic FRAB). After the passing of Simon Morrison in 2009 he served as Treasurer and in 2014 Secretary, both positions he still holds.