The CVFFC is an association of fly fishing clubs from the Victorian fly fishing fraternity.

Members clubs generally utilise the insurance which CVFFC has negotiated for a competitive cost to participating clubs.

Currently 22 fly fishing clubs are members of the Council however CVFFC always acts and advocates in the interest of all fly fishers through-out Victoria and Australia generally.  


CVFFC Committee Members

President: Doug Braham (YVFF)

Vice President City: Asitha Balachandra AJ (NFFC)

Vice President Country: Ian Gibb (GMFFC)

Secretary:  Peter te Hennepe (SFF)

Assistant Secretary: Ray Beavis (WFFC)

Treasurer:  Chris Doody (Ballarat FFC)

Plus two delegates from each club


The CVFFC's main objective is to provide an effective voice from fly fishermen to VRFish and government agencies on the maintenance and development of the trout fishery in Victoria.